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Reconstructing Data in The Event of Loss

A critical feature of the Datomizer® NAS vault is the ability to reconstruct all data in the event of loss on the client side. All data will become instantly accessible, simply by creating a new vault with the account details.

Smart Caching

The Datomia® platform intelligently indexes and caches all data prior to uploading or downloading from the cloud.

Traditional block storage behind NAS works in 4KB blocks of data. This requires a large infrastructure to manage it. Datomia® has increased the size of the blocks, and it has then combined them into encrypted blocks that are independently managed and subject to self-healing methodologies. The default size of encrypted blocks is 4MB. These larger blocks are what provide users with near Tier-1 performance on top of S3-type storage nodes.

The data blocks are categorized as hot, warm and cold. Datomizer® Smart Cache manages rating indexes for NAS blocks, and it combines them into bigger, hot, warm or cold category slices, according to their rating index. This way, all the frequently used warm and hot categories of data are handled locally (in memory and stored in locally attached SSD), while also being dispersed in the cloud.

The Smart Cache is regularly snapshotted, sliced, turned into Data AtomsTM, and then dispersed. This creates a Time Machine of the local cache. If cache consists of several independent storage devices, e.g. several SSD, then replication or erasure coding can be employed to enhance data protection.

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