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This section describes how to log into Datomizer® S3 NAS for AWS.

Before you can launch Datomizer®, you must have signed up and launched a Virtual Machine from AWS Marketplace. 

Locate and Select the Datomizer® instance

  1. Go to your AWS EC2 Management Console.
  2. Select Running Instances

  3. Select the Datomia instance.  

Get the IP Address

If the Datomizer® S3 NAS Virtual Machine Instance (called Datomia) is not running, you will need to start the Instance (Actions | Instance State | Start).
  1. Copy the Public IP address from your instance.
    You will find the public IP Address on the Description tab of the AWS Management Console screen.

Log into Datomizer® 

  1. Paste the IP address in a new browser window.

    Datomizer® currently uses HTTPS with a self-signed security certificate. In Chrome, you will see a warning screen. Click Advanced and the Proceed to (IP address) link.

    The Datomizer® login screen will display.

  2. At the Login screen, enter the Admin name and password.

    1. The default user is admin

    2. The password is the "instance id" that can be copied from Instance ID column of EC2 instance. (Including "i-" prefix).
  3. Click LOG IN


Next step - Setup Datomizer® S3 NAS for the First Time

See: Setup Datomizer® S3 NAS for the First Time

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