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Before You Start

Before you can install and launch a Datomizer® S3 NAS Virtual Machine from AWS Marketplace, you must have signed up for Datomizer S3 NAS.

Install Datomizer® S3 NAS using the Manual Launch option

To install Datomizer® S3 NAS using the manual launch option: 

  1. Select the Manual Launch tab.
  2. In the Region field, choose your preferred location of the AWS servers.
  3. Select the DatomizerS3NAS - High Performance Cloud radio button.
  4. Click the Launch with CloudFormation Console button.

    The Create Stack | Select Template page appears.
  5. Select the Specify an Amazon S3 template URL radio button.


  6. Click Next.
    The Create Stack Specify Details page appears.

  7. In the AvailabilityZone field, choose your preferred Availability Zone from the dropdown list.
  8. Select the name of an existing EC2 Key Pair in the KeyName field. 
    Datomia® will launch with this Key Pair. 
    If you do not have any Key Pairs in this AWS geographical region, you may be asked to first create a new Key Pair, using the Amazon EC2 Console.
  9. Enter an IP address in the RemoteAccessCIDR field box. 
    This is the CIDR IP address from which you are likely to SSH into the (DatomiaNodes) instance.
    You can use at this stage if you do not know the IP address. 
    You can add rules later by modifying the created security groups.
  10. Click Next.
    The Create Stack | Options page appears.

  11. Enter a key-value pair for resources in your stack.
    In the example below, the Key is Name and the Value is 12345.
  12. Click Next.
    The Create Stack | Review page appears.

  13. Click the check box next to I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources.
    Once you accept these terms, you will have access to this software in any supported region.  
  14. Click Create.  
    AWS CloudFormation will start creating a Datomizer® S3 NAS Virtual Machine in your selected region, and in a few minutes you will be able to use this software in AWS. 

Next step - How to log into Datomizer® S3 NAS 

See: How to Log into Datomizer S3 NAS.

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