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NFS v3 and v4 are supported, including the full range of NFS export security and other options. Datomizer® NFS Server has been tuned and optimized for maximum throughput and performance, so web application servers and other NFS clients operate at maximum speed.

Datomizer® Vault Options

You can select from a range of vault types configured to different application requirements. For example, you can create vaults for file storage, archiving and deep archiving. In the near future, you’ll also be able to create vaults optimized for running block-based databases, video imaging and image storage applications.

All the vaults come with Datomizer data protection security and performance. 

The Global File System Vault

The Global File System vault option (also known as the Datomia® File System) provides a high performance cloud storage file system with unlimited storage capacity. You would use the Global File System vault when you needed unlimited storage capacity accessible from different geographical areas. This option is ideal for web servers requiring large storage capacity for images and videos, and fast performance. 

Your data can be stored across multiple cloud centers, and be part of a single file system that can be accessed almost instantaneously from other members of the cluster located in other geographical regions. For example, your data could be stored in multiple Datomizer® vault clusters, using a Microsoft Azure data center in Ireland, an AWS data center in Virginia and an on-premises data center in Singapore.

The Active Archive Vault

The Active Archive vault option provides long term storage of data that is compressed and deduplicated.  All the data is compressed automatically. This option is for when you need low storage costs and can tolerate moderate retrieval speeds. This is ideal for fast backups, as well as archives that may need to be retrieved from time to time.  

The Active Archive vault requires a connection to the internet.

The Deep Archive Vault

The Deep Archive vault offers you lower storage cost compared to Active Archive vault. It is ideal if your data is rarely retrieved, and data retrieval times are less important.

This vault uses Amazon Glacier cloud storage, and it provides long term storage of data that is compressed and deduplicated.  All the data is compressed automatically. The Deep Archive vault requires a connection to the internet. 

Windows File Sharing / CIFS