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All the vaults come with Datomizer data protection security and performance. 



The Primary Storage vault option has been developed as the highest performance file system option. With vault content cached locally, it is ideal for database applications. The files are stored in a virtual folder, with Datomizer® managing that folder in the background.

Snapshots protect your data, without slowing you down

The Primary Storage vault supports automatic snapshot management. A snapshot can be created much faster than a backup, with each snapshot consistent with the source content at the moment of its creation. In Datomizer®, you can define the frequency of snapshots, and these snapshots are atomized by Datomizer® to different datacenters in the cloud. 

This means your data is protected, and backed up frequently, without it affecting the performance of your applications.

The Global File System Vault

The Global File System vault option (also known as the Datomia® File System) provides a high performance cloud storage file system with unlimited storage capacity. You would use the Global File System vault when you needed unlimited storage capacity accessible from different geographical areas. This option is ideal for web servers requiring large storage capacity for images and videos, and fast performance. 


Security restrictions can be used to restrict NFS client access by host and IP address range, using any Linux-supported authentication method.

iSCSI Server

The Datomizer® iSCSI interface provides advanced block level storage management with a high-performance iSCSI Server. iSCSI benefits from multi-tier read caching, as well as write-cache options to boost write IOPS. Since the underlying iSCSI LUN storage is managed by Btrfs copy-on-write file system, LUNs are thin-provisioned, insuring no performance penalties.