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There are two ways to install Install Datomizer® Enterprise:

  • Method 1 - Install a Virtual Machine containing Datomizer® Enterprise in your datacenter or in the cloud. This is the most popular method. 
  • Method 2 - Install Virtual Machine inside your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, by using an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) provided by Datomia.

Method 1 - Install a Virtual Machine 

  1. Contact Datomia® to request the latest Virtual Machine file.
    You will receive a link to a Virtual Machine file for you to download. 
  2. Download and install the latest version of VMWare virtualization Client or Server software (such as VMWare Fusion) if you do not have this already installed on your computer. See
  3. Launch the VMWare virtualization software
  4. Select Import an existing virtual machine
  5. Navigate to the Datomizer® Virtual Machine file you downloaded and click Choose
  6. Click Continue.
    VMWare begins i
    mporting your Datomizer® Virtual Machine. 
  7. Confirm (or change) the settings of the Virtual Machine. 

    Note: The settings cannot be changed, once the system is deployed.
  8. Start the Virtual Machine.
    Ubuntu will start. The login is ubuntu. The password is Datomia2016.
    Datomizer® Enterprise will start automatically.  
  9. In Ubuntu, make a note of the IP address where Datomia is running. 


To copy files to the Datomizer® Enterprise, https (443) port has to be accessible from your location.

Method 2 - Install Virtual Machine inside AWS

Datomia provides an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for you to install on your own AWS account. With this option, you do not use the AWS Marketplace to install Datomizer®.

  1. Contact Datomia® to request an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
    You will need to tell Datomia your AWS Account ID. This is used to share the AMI with you. 

  2. Datomia will create and share an AMI with you.
    The AMI will contain a Virtual Machine file containing Datomizer® 

To launch the AMI:

  1. Go to the EC2 management console in AWS.
  2. Click Instances.
  3. Select Launch Instance.
    The Step 1: Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) screen appears. 
  4. Click My AMIs
  5. Under Ownership, check the box labeled Shared with me.
    The Datomizer® Enterprise AMI will appear in the list of AMIs that have been shared with you. 
  6. Click the Select button next to the Datomizer® Enterprise AMI.  
    Contact Datomia® if you do not know the name of the AMI that has been shared with you. 
  7. Launch the the Datomizer® Enterprise AMI. 
    Datomizer® Enterprise will start automatically when you launch the AMI.


To copy files to the Datomizer® Enterprise, https (443) port has to be accessible from your location.

Next step - How to log into Datomizer® Enterprise

See: How to log into Datomizer® Enterprise.