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This section describes how to log into Datomizer® Enterprise.

Before you can launch Datomizer® Enterprise, you must have installed Datomizer® Enterprise.  

Table of Contents

Make a note of the IP address where Datomizer® Enterprise is running 

  1. In Ubuntu, make a note of the IP address where Datomia is running. 

Open your web browser and enter the IP address for Datomizer® Enterprise

  1. To login and setup Datomizer® Enterprise, open your web browser and enter the IP address where Datomizer® Enterprise is running.


    Datomizer® Enterprise currently uses HTTPS with a self-signed security certificate. In Chrome, you will see a warning screen. Click Advanced and the Proceed to (IP address) link.

    The Datomizer® Enterprise login screen appears.


To copy files to the Datomizer® Enterprise, https (443) port has to be accessible from your location.

Log into Datomizer® Enterprise

At the Login screen:

  1. Enter the Admin name and password.

    1. The default user is admin.

    2. The password is admin.
  2. Click LOG IN

You can change the the Admin name and password in Settings.

Next step - Setup Datomizer® Enterprise for the First Time

See: Setup Datomizer® Enterprise For the First Time.