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Maintaining Metadata

Maintaining metadata is the primary challenge when you compare Datomia®’s file-based storage systems with traditional object storage systems. The challenge lies in maintaining the data-to-metadata ID relationship.

A Less User-Friendly File System

In a traditional system, people are used to a file-based store that offers hierarchical naming. An object-store is very different, as you cannot browse for objects or files in the same fashion. In addition, the names of objects are not user-friendly.

The Need to be POSIX-Compliant

To make things more complicated for end users, most object storage solutions are not POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) compliant, requiring companies themselves to be POSIX-compliant for unstructured data.

Compared to other object storage solutions (such as Cleversafe, ApliData and SwiftStack), Datomia® takes all object storage benefits and makes object storage POSIX compliant. From a storage perspective, file systems are much more flexible and portable to a variety of operating systems, databases and web servers. 

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